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Chair Covers, we can provide sashes in any colour you would like. There are numerous ways to tie a sash, we can add buckles, butterflies and flowers should you wish.

chair covers

Wedding chair covers to hire
We use the tight Lycra chair covers which do fit more snugly than some of the other types available. We use a style which fits to the floor on all external sides and has a small arc at the front which prevents heels from catching. A point which your female guests will thank you for.

Table centes can really create the feel that you are looking for, here is a very small selection of what we can offer we will add more pictures as time goes on.

cream bird cage

a popular set up choice birdcages are lovely as a table centreBird cages are very versatile and can be filled with anything they are great for the vintage garden look.

cream canelarbra

A heavy weight wedding top table centre that really goes the distanceWe have this candelabra in Silver as well, they are both heavy weights and look amazing, they can be used in a relaxed style with simple dressing or dressed to the max for a glamorous style.

Candelabras are sophisticated and fit well in any venue, they mix well with other centes too. 

Lanterns can set a lovely glow especially when placed with a mirror plate and t-light.

cream lantern

glowing wedding decorations
We have a great selection of lanterns in cream and silver.

Favours are traditionally given to guests placed on the table at each guests place setting, you can however give these in what ever way you choose in baskets handed round by bridesmaids or at the end of a buffet table.

All of our favours come complete with filling and personalisation should you wish. 

They can also be used as a place setting with tags giving the guests name.


Elegant wedding favours with charmThese particular favours come in a variety of colours, they are very luxurious as they have the extra touch with a metal butterfly charm.

Buckets of fun


Wedding favoursFavour Pails/Buckets are great they lend themselves to multiple purposes.They are perfect for using for the place setting option and can be used as t-light holders.They come in a host of styles plain to ornate and also come in lots of colours.

Something for the Children

plasticdinosaurlarge  30346 thumb

Childrens wedding favoursThese plastic animals come in all-sorts of styles from cats to cars they are great for children and can be filled with anything.

Bubbles are fun for all ages they don't stain or get stuck in your dress so make a wonderful alternative to confetti especially if your venue wont allow it. They look beautiful in photographs and can entertain the children young and old for hours.


Bubbles Bubbles every where
Bubbles can be placed on the tables for your guests to use through the day and night,they can be handed round in pretty baskets after the ceremony or given in small organza bags to the guests on arrival with a note of your choosing.


a glass of bubbles!!!!!

All of our bubbles come in packs of 24. We can provide any type of bubble but we have simply shown this small selection of our most popular items.


wedding Crystal bubblesThe crystal bubbles come with a variety of coloured tops to match your theme.

Table Confetti and crystals, the finishing touch

clear table crystal

Table crystals/gemsCrystals really add some sparkle and come in every colour imaginable and shape.


butterfly gemsYou can mix crystals to match your theme, they look lovely mixed with rose petals.

redsmall rose petals

confetti, rose petalsRose petals can be used as decoration or for throwing either way very romantic.


Table plans guide your guests to their seats but need not be dull add a touch of fun or continue a theme. We do have a large easel as well and can provide the plan should you wish.

crown table plan

wedding seating plan
A royal affair...

bird cage table/seating plan

wedding seating plan

Simply Pretty..


Get your guests talking


get them talking
Trivia games can get guests talking and are great fun we have a large selection to choose from including drink stirrers, box sets and butterflies. They come in varying formats. You can place a box on each table or one card at each setting. You can even get child friendly    versions for the little ones.

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